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Artist Mark Englert revealed an online variant of his Jurassic World print on his blog this afternoon, as well as a detailed look into his creation process.

The regular, orange sky version will be a San Diego Comic Con exclusive with a run of 500. Those able to attend Comic Con this year and hope to snag one of the posters are encouraged by Universal to text JURASSIC to 834567 to receive updates on how and where to find them.

The blue sky variant will be a limited edition run of only 100, and will be distributed online in a manner yet to be announced. I highly recommend following Universal Pictures, Legendary Entertainment, and the official Jurassic Park pages on all the popular social media sites if you hope to be among the lucky few who score this item.

In his blog post, Englert discusses the process of working together with Universal and director Colin Trevorrow to fine-tune the design, and specific tweaks they suggested. This is the real deal then: an official look at the tone and imagery of Jurassic World.

The artwork addresses both the ruined, old park of the original Jurassic movie, while teasing the rise of the new Jurassic World attraction in the background: Part of a monorail track is visible and buildings — possibly the new visitor center and a hotel — are under construction as dinosaurs are flown in by helicopter. Taken at face value, this confirms that remnants of Hammond’s park still exist on Isla Nublar along with the new attractions, and that wild dinosaurs (including those not mentioned on the tour brochure that leaked last week) may still thrive on a section of the island away from the tourists.